Anonymous: Did you just walk about Download bare feet then?

i had socks on 

Anonymous: Sorry for asking uninteresting questions, it's quite hard to just pop one out of your head. Umm, hat's the most bizarre thing you've done during a concert?

had my shoes nicked whilst crowd surfing at download once 

Anonymous: Ah good choice, and musicians/bands?
  1. parkway drive
  2. the black dahlia murder
  3. comeback kid
  4. stray from the path
  5. rise against 
Anonymous: If you were to choose a top 5 favourite movies, which would it be?
  1. lord of the rings
  2. hobbit
  3. In Bruges 
  4. Sherlock Holmes 1/2
  5. Hercules (Disney)

anyone being interesting? talk to me pls

re-watching house of cards

best thing netflix has done so far

800% sure i am going to cry during the battle of the five armies D: